Don't Be Tardy...

It's only been a year since Kim Zolciak's million dollar wedding to the Atlanta Falcons Defensive End Kroy Biermann, but a lot has changed in the newlyweds' life. This season, their family ...



Duration:60 min




Season 1 - Don't Be Tardy...
"No description"
"When a new dress can't be made in time for the big day, Kim buys the exact same dress online."
"Kim not only finds her second look for the wedding, but she stumbles upon a very sexy third outfit as well."
"Kroy's parents, whom Kim has only met once, are coming for a week-long visit."
"Kim and Kroy lay down the rules as Brielle gets ready for her first homecoming dance."
Season 2 - Don't Be Tardy...
"All is well with Kim and Kroy as they welcome new baby Kash into the world, but squeezing another baby into the townhouse alongside baby KJ, a teen, a tween, two nannies, and god knows how many wigs is a little tight! Kim is ready to move and a visit to her new \"dream home\" only makes things worse when she realizes buying an unfinished foreclosure may not have been the best idea. With so much construction left to be done and a mold issue to remediate, she won\u2019t be moving anytime soon. Back at the townhouse, Kim and Shun try to make the best of the situation by cleaning up a hoarder-worthy amount of stuff. Then during a rare quiet moment at home, Kim and Kroy receive news that Kim\u2019s mom isn\u2019t done causing trouble for the Biermanns."
"Kim is informed of her mothers choice to seek court ordered visitation of the girls. Kim decides to celebrate Ariana's birthday by having an extravagant birthday celebration. Later, the media reveals Kim's mothers choice, which leads to her having to tell the girls the truth about their grandmother."
"It\u2019s Kim and Kroy\u2019s one-year anniversary and Kim\u2019s got a plan \u2013- she wants to surprise Kroy with a romantic and elaborate celebration, but in Kim Zolciak style she waited till five days before the anniversary to start all the planning. Even though Kroy is playing an away game the day of the anniversary, he\u2019s not too happy about his wife planning the celebration without him and is less than pleased about it being a surprise."
"Kim and Kroy visit Psychic Rose who predicts that the Falcons are going to the Super Bowl! Kim knows next to nothing about football and as a footballer's wife, it's time she step it up. Kim decides to learn the game from the ladies football league, which is not exactly like Kim expected. Armed with her new appreciation and understanding of the game, Kim invites Brielle and her friend to one of Kroy\u2019s games, but before she can show off her newfound knowledge, she needs to figure out how to get out of the house and actually make it to the game before it\u2019s over."
"The family begins the process of having Kroy adopt Kim's daughters. Elsewhere, Brielle is given a tutor and Kroy emerges as the family disciplinarian."
"A tell-all book and a lawsuit test the family, as does a betrayal from an unlikely source. Kim and the gang try to get past those problems by cooking up a Thanksgiving feast."
"Kim and Kroy discuss plans to expand their family. Elsewhere, Kim must deal with a legal quandary."
"Kim's parenting skills are tested when daughter Brielle's grades begin to suffer. Also: Brielle goes on a date for homecoming, and Kim can't help but spy on her."
"Kim and the family celebrate the holidays, but Kim's fake Christmas trees stir up tension with Kroy, who would rather have a real tree."
"Kim's hectic life includes a husband in the playoffs, a legal quandary, caring for two baby boys and talk of adding another baby to the family. Tension escalates as a result, with daughter Brielle confronting Kim about the new family dynamic."
"Due to the Falcons not make it to the Super Bowl, Kim and Kroy decide to take the family on vacation to the Turks and Caicos Islands. While there, Kim spends much needed time with Brielle and Ariana and Kroy discusses his upcoming court date that will finalize the girls' adoption."
"In the season 2 finale, The Biermanns happily attend court in order to complete the girls' adoption process. The family also learns that their house is almost finished. Kim and Kroy think that their wish of having a baby girl might be here sooner than they thought."
Season 3 - Don't Be Tardy...
Season 4 - Don't Be Tardy...
"After years of building their dream life in Atlanta, the Biermanns must contemplate leaving it all behind when Kroy becomes an NFL free agent. Kim and Kroy remain optimistic but not everyone is on their side. With Brielle's 18th birthday just around the corner, Kim must come to terms with the idea of moving without her full team behind her. With too many balls in the air, Kim turns to her new assistant Gloria and Chef Tracey for help but notoriously outrages Tracey's ideas on how to fix them may be too over the top, even for Kim."
"Kim makes an appearance at Mohegan Sun in her hometown of Windsor Locks, Connecticut. After 16 years away, Kim decides to take Kroy home for a stroll down memory lane. Stops on the emotional tour include the apartment where she raised Brielle, lunch with her high-school friends, and an impromptu tour of the house she grew up in."
"Kim's invited to give a speech at a women's expo, but Kim is against the idea, stirring up tension in the Biermann home. Meanwhile, Brielle reveals that she wants to be an entertainment reporter, so Kim organizes a practice interview with singer Monica."
"Kim and Kroy are unprepared for Brielle's high-school graduation, and, in less than a week, they pull together a carnival-theme party with clowns, fire dancers and a monkey."
"Kim reluctantly agrees to plant an organic garden after Tracey reveals all of the questionable ingredients in her favorite foods; Kim decides to set Shun up with her trainer and drags Kroy along to help chaperone."
Season 5 - Don't Be Tardy...
"After Kim's second dance on DWTS, she suffered a stroke, which in turn led to major heart surgery. As a result of that ordeal, this mother of six is ready to take on a new addition to the family. Meanwhile, both Brielle and Tracey are single and spend most of their time swiping left and right all over the Internet. Ariana is finishing up 8th grade while the four little ones spend their days terrorizing their big siblings. Kim loves her ever-expansive, crazy brood and doesn't see any harm in adding one more into the mix."
"Kroy is confident that he won't have another run with the Falcons, which means a big move could be on the horizon. Kim is worried about the contents of her closet while Ariana dreads having to start high school in a new city. Meanwhile, Brielle has joined the Biermann payroll as Kim's newest assistant, but struggles to meet Kim's demands."
"Motivated by Tracey's passion for animals, the Biermann's join her for a day at the Humane Society. Kim's baby fever reaches an all-time high when she meets the puppies that are up for adoption. Kroy is the only one standing strongly against bringing a dog home, perhaps because everyone's too busy to take care of it. Then again, after checking out the teacup piglet Brielle received as a present, a new puppy suddenly looks a whole lot more appealing."
"Kim and Kroy pack up all six kids and head to Kroy's hometown of Hardin, Montana. The younger kids are in heaven, while Ariana and Brielle are just happy to get cell service. As wonderful as it is for everyone to see where dad grew up, Kim longs for the comforts of her own home."
"The Biermann kids haven't stopped running around since the plane landed in Montana. Kim loves seeing Kroy in his element, but knows her element is back in Atlanta, with her Starbucks and walk-in closet. As the family vacation comes to an end, Kroy gets a call from his agent and everyone wonders if this is the call that will determine their fate."
"After Montana, Kim needs an adult-only break to find her inner peace and Zen. So of course she, Kroy, and Tracey head to the casino \u2013 the one place where Kim can fully shut off the rest of the world and focus on her favorite thing: Money. Kim\u2019s strategy is to take out $25k so she can bet big and hopefully win big. Meanwhile, Brielle is upping the ante on her love life and going out on her first date since breaking up with Slade. Will her date be an ace in the hole, or no dice?"
"Even though Brielle is working as Kim's assistant, she still dreams of becoming a celebrity news reporter. So the family's publicist, has set up a meeting with Access Hollywood in hopes they would offer her a position. Kim and Kroy will be joining her along with KJ, for his first audition. Kim also has a meeting with her skincare company, so when Kroy gets a call from the Buffalo Bills, her anxiety rises as she finds herself traveling alone with a useless Brielle and a hyper KJ."
"Dreams are within reach for both Brielle and KJ in Tinseltown. Access Hollywood puts Brielle's improv and kitchen cleaning skills to the test, while KJ's acting audition gets him one step closer to being crowned the next Tom Cruise. Back home in Atlanta, Chef Tracey's new \"fancy\" menu is ready to be served, but she has a trick up her sleeve that could send the Biermann's back to basics."
"With all the uncertainty surrounding her family's future, Kim recognizes that Ariana is in the toughest spot. Being 14 and starting high school is never easy, but in a brand new city it can seem like the end of the world. That's why Kim comes to the rescue with a mother\/daughter bonding day. Meanwhile, Brielle is planning her escape to LA, leading Kroy to believe she may not be ready."
"Kroy calls for a Biermann family fun day to distract from life's unanswered questions. Things quickly turn from fun and games to sibling rivalry once Kroy offers the winner a prize. Meanwhile, Tracey's latest Internet girlfriend is headed to Atlanta to meet her in person."
"Kim is turning 38 and what better way to celebrate than with a blowout party which will also serve as a launch for her skincare line, Kashmere. Meanwhile, Brielle's plans to move to LA solidify when she gets an encouraging phone call from her publicist."
"Kim gets a not so positive diagnosis on what's been going on with her heart. And if that wasn't enough to put a damper on things, Kroy could get the call at any moment to sign with a new team away from home. With 6 kids, will Kim ever be as stress-free as the doctor has ordered?"
Season 6 - Don't Be Tardy...
"Brielle threatens to move out; Ariana sneaks out of the house at night; Kim and Kroy attend a skin-care convention in Italy and take Brielle and Ariana with them; the gang checks into a five-star hotel in Florence and embark on an adventure."
"Arriving at the convention, Kim searches for packaging ideas for her skin care line; she is sidetracked by the body modification buffet; Guilio takes the gang on a tour of Florence, Italy; Kim tries to formulate a vow renewal proposal."
"Kim, Kroy, and the \"originals\" are through with business, and now it's all pleasure in Italy. Next stop \u2013 Venice! Brielle and Ariana joy ride the canals, while Kim attempts to propose a vow renewal to Kroy... on a wobbly gondola. Back in Atlanta, KJ lets Tracey know who's really in charge while Kim and Kroy are away."
"Brielle's baseball beau keeps asking her to move in with him, making her wonder if it's time to finally flee the Biermann coop. Meanwhile, Kim and Kroy grow wary of Tracey's white lies, putting her outrageous stories to the test with a polygraph. They also use their sleuthing skills to dig up some disappointing dirt on Ariana."
"Kroy dishes out more discipline to Ariana, his already-grounded teenage daughter. Brielle is determined to learn \u201chow to baseball\u201d to impress her Major League-bound boyfriend. Kim and Kroy play private investigator and tail Tracey home, only to discover why they\u2019ve never been invited."
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
Season 7 - Don't Be Tardy...
"The Biermann family has a lot on its plate; Ariana finds her first true love; Brielle wants to move out; Kroy searches for a new career; with prom coming up, Kim focuses on turning her daughter into a princess."
"Kim wants her children to live under her roof forever; Brielle ramps up the search for a place of her own; Ariana recruits the family's nanny to aid in her quest for a driver's license; Rose, the family psychic, tells some unwelcome truths."
"After a break-in hits too close to home, the Biermanns get serious about self-defense and attend a gun safety course; Brielle finds the perfect apartment before getting Kim and Kroy's blessing to move out."
"Kim wants Brielle to stay. Kroy wants Brielle to move out. And they both don\u2019t want Ariana to be Brielle. So they lay down the law: whatever Ariana does with her life, it had better involve college. Off campus, the Biermann clan contemplates its future, and a new idea percolates: conquering the coffee industry."
"It's the dating game and a now-single Brielle is on the hot seat; the Biermann clan spends some time in a food truck worker's shoes."
"A self-proclaimed hater of change, Kim is horrified by the prospect of turning 40; while Kroy tries to convince Kim to celebrate the occasion in style, they grapple with a frightening health issue; a shocking announcement from Brielle."
"Kim's 40th birthday extravaganza is a gambling-themed party, but she's really hit the jackpot when it comes to her family and friends; the guest list includes Kim's estranged brother, her OBGYN, and pretty much every boy Brielle has ever dated."
"Brielle moves out; Kim strives to cope with the new Brielle-sized hole in her heart as her six children grow up too fast around her; when Ariana tries her hand at improv comedy, she's not sure the acting thing is really her scene."
"Brielle spreads her wings and tries to live on her own, only to learn she's more of a homing pigeon; Kim is happy to have Brielle back in the nest, especially since Ariana is looking to get her driver's license and fly the coop."
"The Biermanns go to Miami on a family vacation that will culminate in the world premiere of Kim\u2019s new song for Key West Pride; while the family takes a swamp boat tour and swims with dolphins, Kim grapples with her fear of performing."
"As Kim's Pride appearance approaches, her fear grows; her family rallies behind her to give her the courage to sing her new song; the entire Biermann bunch is in flux, between moving out, switching rooms or going to school for the first time."
"The Biermann Bunch looks back on how they got here - from Kim first seeing Kroy\u2019s tight ass to their Turks and Caicos vow renewal. On this trip down memory lane, we melt seeing Kroy adopting the girls, to the birth of all the littles. Kim defends her obsessions, from Solo cups to sage. And the gang ranks their favorite vacation, meal, and love connection. Lots of love and wine to go around here!"
Season 8 - Don't Be Tardy...
06 Oct 2020
"With the Littles growing up and Ariana off to college next year, Kim and Kroy plan to take the family on one last epic vacation - Biermann style. Six kids, six weeks, going coast to coast crammed into an RV - What could possibly go wrong?"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
"No description"
10 Nov 2020
"With half of the trip behind them, the Biermanns are ready to tackle the legendary Route 66. Only one problem - the RV's busted. Stranded in an abandoned parking lot, the Biermanns must pull together to survive the night...and each other."
"No description"
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